P65The Deltec circular home is a prefabricated, panelized building system, purchased as a package and shipped in a truck to the building site where local carpenters are hired to put it all together. Each Deltec home starts with the radial floor and roof systems, exterior walls (each is 8′ wide), and hardware. The new owner can customize his/her new home with a variety of designs. The design allows much flexibility with floor plans, windows, overhangs, porches, etc.

Because  Deltec Homes value excellence, only high-quality materials are used in the construction of these homes. There is no cutting of corners to save money.  With a Deltec Home you are getting a high performance, extremely durable home.  In 46 years a Deltec home has a proven record of high wind resistance and no Deltec home has been lost due to a hurricane or tropical storm.

P131Click on the photo to the left and and notice the size of the roofing ties used in the joining the roof to the 8′ panels. Alno notice the amount of wood used in this house.  A Deltec only uses quality materials.

A Deltec Home reflects everything you want in a home: beauty, unique, safety, secure, easy on the environment and low in energy costs.

All aspects of a Deltec Home are ingeniously designed to work as a system, making it the smartest home you can build for high wind areas.  Many aspects work together to outperform traditional homes in terms of sustainability, strength, quality and design:

  • the aerodynamic circular shape of the building works with nature, not against it.
  • Wind cannot build up enough pressure on any side to cause structural failure;
  • The reinforced clear span roof is at optimal pitch for wind deflection and reduced lift;
  • The use of only superior materials;
  • Strong connections between the roof, exterior walls, floor systems and foundation.

Circular homes are inherently Energy Efficient, but Deltec enhances its natural performance with tight construction, extended overhangs, flow through roof venting, and wall thickness upgrades.   Below is Deltec’s drawing that depicts the wind being deflected around a Deltec house. Double clicking on the photo will enlarge it so you can read it.

IMGDouble click on the link below to see a video which shows some of the building techniques that make this a Hurricane Resistant Home    http://deltechomes.com/our-homes/hurricane-resistance/

Deltec Home for Sale in Tennessee.

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